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Welcome friends! As you may already know, Ubongo kids have an inquisitive and collaborative nature, they are ever learning, growing and improving in different areas of their lives. They have a powerful motto called UTU which carries the core of their values and what they strive to achieve in terms of humanity, reaching out, loving and caring for people and the environment around them.

On this site, you will find episodes from Season 5 of Ubongo Kids that focus on the characteristics of Utu and guides to help facilitate the set up of Utu Clubs in your communities or schools. Through listening to the episodes, kids will learn how to show Utu, to improve their wellbeing and their communities.

Each episode comes with learning objectives. After each episode, there will be some questions for kids to discuss and an Utu activity to be completed. The utu club guide will also highlight the main message or learning objective of each episode.

This will be a fun, interactive way for kids to build knowledge and skills in STEM, do good in their community and work together to act with Utu.


Latest Episodes

Learning can happen anywhere

I am Still the Same

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Social Responsibility

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