Day of the Girl Child!

With Her: A Skilled GirlForce

Day of the Girl Child with Ubongo Kids


11th October is the International Day of the Girl Child and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Ubongo Kids. They wanted to take part in raising awareness for this important day and promoting the theme: “With Her: A Skilled GirlForce”. These days, skilled young people are needed more than ever by innovative companies. However, a quarter of young people across the world (mostly girls) are unemployed. Education is so important for preparing young people for the world of work, but worldwide, more than 130 million school aged girls are out of school.

Three girls with big hopes to contribute their skills and talent to tomorrow’s workforce are Kiduchu, Kibena and Amani. These girls from Kokotoa wanted to share their dreams with the world in order to inspire today’s generation of girls who are preparing to join the world of work:


“My dream is to use my voice to make an impact. Singing is a skill that I choose to use because not only does music transcend language and cultural barriers but it also brings people together regardless of who they are or what they look like.”


“I want a career that helps people and gives back to the community. I could be a doctor, a teacher or social worker, the possibilities are endless! I look forward to the bright future ahead of me.”


“As a daring young girl I dream of being the first person from Kokotoa to become an astronaut. I am fascinated with space and I want my name to be among the women who have had successful careers in what is otherwise a male dominated field.”



Koba and Baraka

“Girls have the same ambitions as boys but they have less opportunities to achieve them through education. That’s not fair! Let’s change the story together.” – Koba

I used to think that there were boys’ jobs and girls’ jobs but then I realised that girls are capable of doing whatever boys can do!” – Baraka

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